Friday, December 14, 2012

A Prayer for Guidance

My life is yours, Lord.
Do with it as you will.
Guide me and comfort me
and lead me away from sin.

For yours is the right way, Lord.
Yours is the constant, guiding star.
Your hands takes mine through good times & bad
and you are always there, with me.

Show me where you want me to be,
what work you want me to do,
what you want me to learn, Lord.
Shape me into the person I'm meant to be.

Do I please you, Lord?
Send me a sign, a vision, a picture.
Make my words your words
and bring me to the light.

Where the Mighty River Flows [lyric]

A little Christmas-inspired song lyric

Verse 1
Crackers and presents and baubles and bells.
Singers of carols with stories to tell
of the Saviour's birth
of His blessings on the Earth.

You, our Saviour.
You, our hero.
I will go wherever you go;
Where the mighty river flows.

You, our master,
You, our best friend.
I will take your hand and follow
Where the mighty river flows.

Verse 2
Mother and Father and Shepherds and Kings,
Angels in Heaven with praises to sing
of the Child's new life
of his pain and strife.

Sunday, November 04, 2012

Sunshine and Son Light [lyric]

[Following Nicola's sermon on Spiritual Transformation, part of a series inspired by Tri Robinson's Rooted in Good Soil]

Sunshine and Son Light
[verse 1]
Warm me with your presence,
Fill me with your love.
Wake me, fill my life, Lord
By the Lamb and by the Dove.

Give me your sunshine, Lord.
Give me your rays.
Give me your sunshine, Lord
'Til the end of my days.

[verse 2]
Grow me in the Spirit.
Feed me with your word.
Please send me a sign, Lord,
Free me like a bird.

Change me, make me more like you.
Let the ripples grow and your river flow to me.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

From Our Lives, From Our Soil

[Often, I find myself writing song lyrics or poems during Sunday Worship at Potton Vineyard Church. I've decided to put them out there for reading, for critique, and just because!]

21st October 2012 - from Kassy Lean's sermon: The Shoot from the Seed

From Our Lives from Our Soul

Come alive in our hearts, oh Lord.
Let us find our deepest roots in you.
Keep us safe from evil, oh Lord
and grow our faith and trust, oh Lord, in you.

From our lives, from our soil,
Grow our love, fulfil your word.
Take us, mould us, shape us to your will.
We will grow and we will know
what you want and how to do.
Give us strength to cross the fords and climb the hill.

Take my roots, my branches, my Lord.
Give me, Lord, my food, my energy.
Grow my shoots and blossoms, oh Lord,
and cut all pain and sin, oh Lord, from me.

You bring restoration,
You bring your glory.
You bring your Kingdom.
We welcome you, please welcome us.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Bipolar Help and Communities

I suffer from cyclothemia, which is on the bipolar spectrum. It's up the rapid-rapid-cycling end. I'm blogging this so I don't forget!

Here's a selection of support forums and sites. Mostly, they cover not only support of those affected, but also for families, loved ones and friends.

I suggest starting here:

This is the National UK charity. They've got a community forum and other pages. You need to register before they let you in to even view the forums, so it does it's best to keep things private (or at least not indexed by Google). They also have a database of self-help groups. Some run evenings, some during the day.

Other sites:

The nature of the disorder means that if one gets into using them, then you tend to flit between them during manic episodes and dwell on one in particular during depressive episodes.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Upgrading HTC Artemis

Note to self: When trying to flash a new ROM to the HTC Artemis (O2 XDA Orbit, P3300), take the damn SD card out before you try otherwise you get the WSOD (white screen of death) when it restarts and not the bootloader!